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2010 EAA Chapter 1027 Holiday Dinner

EAA Chapter 1027 2010 Holiday DinnerEAA Chapter 1027 gives President Paul Trexel an awardDecember 18, 2010: The last meeting of EAA Chapter 1027 for 2010 was a special no-host Holiday Dinner at Ukiah Garden Cafe in Ukiah. Chapter president Paul Trexel was awarded a special plaque of recognition for his superlative efforts at managing and building the club over the past two years. The award was presented by Vice President Dick Johnson.

In a short business meeting, the club voted unanimously to continue the chapter with the same roster of officers as 2010. Plans for the 2011 Willits Airport Day will be made at the March meeting.

Membership in EAA Chapter 1027 continues to grow, with invitations to ALL pilots of certified and experimental aircraft in Mendocino, Lake, and Humboldt Counties of northern California -- and to anyone in the area who would like to discover the fun and friendship of flying. For more information on chapter membership, contact president Paul Trexel.

The next chapter meeting will be on Sunday, January 9, beginning at 12:00 noon with a lunch ($5 donation) at the Willits Airport. All members, prospective members, and friends are encouraged to attend.

Lots of Planes Fly In to Boonville

November 14, 2010: Willits EAA Chapter president Paul Trexel notes "It was a good day for flying to the Boonville Wine Country Fly- In held on Sunday November 14th. Aircraft from all over northern California flew in from places such as Livermore, Palo Alto, Santa Rosa, Concord, Sonoma, Ukiah, Willts and more.

EAA 1027 member and host of the event, Kirk Wilder had his hands full handling the 28 aircraft attending and preparing and serving 43 outstanding barbequed burger meals with all the trimmings, including ice cream for dessert.

There was a wide variety of aircraft participating from a Cessna 310 to a Sonerai, with several beautiful RV's being the mainstay. Everyone had a good time, and 6 people signed up to become new members of EAA Chapter 1027."

The next get-together for EAA Chapter 1027 will be a Holiday Chapter Dinner, Saturday, Dec. 18, 5:30 p.m., at Ukiah Garden Cafe, Talmage and State St. in Ukiah (northwest of KUKI); no host. RSVP Paul Trexel.

Willits Tri-Tip Fly-In a Big Success

Willits EAA Chapter 1027Willits EAA Chapter 1027October 10, 2010: Willits EAA Chapter president Paul Trexel declared the "Willits Tri-Tip Fly-in a big success. We had a good turnout with 21 aircraft flying in, with 35 meals served, everyone enjoying the delicious food from Kemmy's Smokehouse Bar B Que Shack. Turnout included many Van's RV aircraft fly in including from Lampson Lee Berry's very rare RV 2 which has an uncanny resemblance to a Varga. In addition, Jim Derickson from Ukiah flew in with his newly completed Zenith 750, which drew a lot of attention.

Also, Gibson from Ukiah brought up his beautiful Cessna 180. Harry Crosby of Livermore led a large squadron of RV's in occupied by a lot of really nice folks. Art Williams, member of the EAA Chapter 1027 board of directors led a group of Lampson aircraft in. Fred Baron, also a board member brought in two Cubs from Garberville. Everybody had a good time, looking forward to our next fly-in."

 The next get-together for EAA Chapter 1027 will be at Boonville Airport on November 14. VFR weather is predicted. Hamburgers, hot dogs, 50/50 raffle, local wine/beer raffle, hangar talk, hosted by Kirk Wilder.

Willits Tri-Tip Fly-In Announced

With the huge success of September's EAA Chapter 1027 Fly-in Barbeque, chapter president Paul Trexel announced the Willits Tri-Tip Fly-In for October 10 from noon to 3 p.m at Ells Field/Willits Airport (O28). The lunch will be prepared fresh on-site by Kemmy's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que Shack, the food service so popular at this year's Willits Airport Day (it sold out!). The menu will include barbecued tri-tip, pork, and chicken sandwiches; french fries; and many other dishes and beverages. Also available will be Kemmy's specialty pies (including rhubarb!), made fresh from locally-grown ingredients. The club also will have a 50/50 raffle to benefit chapter projects.

Pilots from throughout northern California, southern Oregon and northwestern Nevada are invited to attend the Willits Tri-Tip Fly-In. "We're hoping for a big turnout," says Trexel,"  to test whether Kemmy's Bar-B-Que Shack will become a full-time food service at the Willits Airport. It's better than a $100 hamburger!"

For more information, contact Paul Trexel.

Great Turnout for Willits EAA Barbeque

EAA Chapter 1027EAA Chapter 1027September 12, 2010: EAA Chapter 1027's Fly-in Barbeque was a big success reports President Paul Trexel. "Final count was 31 aircraft attending, 57 burgers served and 115 gallons of avgas sold. Everyone had a great time."

The barbeque ($5 donation) included hamburgers with all the trimmings, baked beans, pasta salad and soft drinks with ice cream for dessert. In addition, there was a raffle for cash and avgas. Pilots flew in from throughout northern California.

The next chapter meeting is scheduled for Sunday, October 10, at 12 noon (weather permitting). Visitors and prospective members are invided to attend. For information contact Paul Trexel at eaglenestnorth@juno.com

Willits Barbeque Fly-In to Award Free AvGas

The September get- together for EAA Chapter 1027 will be on Sunday, September 12th at Willits airport (O28), from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. There will be a drawing for 10 gallons of aviation fuel in each of two categories: experimental/homebuilt and certified/manufactured aircraft. Pilots that enter in the chapter's 50/50 raffle for $5 will automatically be entered in one of the two categories for the Free Gas Giveaway says chapter president Paul Trexel. "We'll have a great barbecue with beverage and ice cream for a $5 donation. As always, our events welcome all aircraft, pilots, and anybody who likes aviation". For information contact Paul Trexel at eaglenestnorth@juno.com

2010 Willits Airport Day is a Flying Success!

August 8, 2010: EAA Chapter 1027 president Paul Trexel reports a hugely successful Airport Day this year. "To run down the numbers, we estimate more than one thousand people from the community came and enjoyed Airport Day. We counted 65 participating aircraft with a peak 43 on the ground at one time., four helicopters participated, and a Coast Guard C-130. There were 203 people who bought airplane and helicopter rides,  food vendors sold out their food offerings, and 350 gallons of fuel were sold. It was a great community event, promoted throughout the region with the club's new website, WillitsFlyIn.com.

The annual event was put on by Chapter 1027 volunteers including Harold Weston, Dick Johnson, Jim and Marilyn Harden, Dan Ramsey and others. Representing the City of Willits was John Sherman. The Willits Airport Commission was represented by Dave Shelton. "We're really looking forward to next year's Airport Day -- if we can get more great volunteers," says Trexel.

The next meeting, Sunday, September 12, will include a 50/50 Raffle with two winners also getting gift certificates for 10 gallons of fuel. Visitors are invited to attend. The club is beginning its search for new members as well as volunteers for next year's Airport Day. You don't have to be a pilot to be a member of EAA Chapter 1027. You just have to love airplanes.

Flying Poker Run a Big Success

July 11, 2010: On a near perfect flying day ( except for Little River ) we had great participation, great airplanes to see, and most important of all, great people at the  Willits Poker Run and EAA Barbecue Sunday, July 11th. I was very pleased to  meet new folks from Lampson,Boonville, Little River, Sacramento,  Fort Bragg and Redding. We had 20 people in attendance, 8 fly-in aircraft, 7 poker hands played. The winning hand was a pair of Jacks,Ace high, I believe.

Because of the enormous size of the pot, and tax considerations, the winner shall remain anonymous; but he sure had a nice Tripacer from Lampson!  All the planes were really outstanding examples of their type.

One of EAA 1027's resident Chefs Bob Franklin, barbecued some good ribs and chicken, very easy on the palate, although it was touch-and-go (no pun intended) when one of the group alerted Bob to flames coming out the side of the barbecue. Bob replied "Oh, don't worrry about that, it's just the skin burning." It was great, accompanied by a tasty pasta salad, green salad, and ice cream.

I thank all that were in attendance, and the "dealers" at the airports for their participation and help with the event. There will be more of these, bringing together the pilot groups from Lampson,Little River, Boonville, Ukiah,Fort Bragg and other area airports in joint activtities with our common goal of fun flying. Thanks again. We try to keep everybody updated on our new website www.willitsflyin.com. Please keep in mind our Willits Airport Day On August 8th, with the Boonville aviation extravaganza the following weekend. We'd like to see you all there.

Paul Trexel, President

Flying Poker Run Announced for July 11

Participating airports are Ukiah, Lampson, Boonville, Little River, terminating at Willits. Start time 0900, finish 1200. Draw one card per hand in sealed envelope at each airport, $5 donation per hand. Best hand awarded at Willits followed by a barbecue lunch put on by Willits EAA Chapter 1027. Safety is the top priority. Any pilot who feels that they cannot operate safely into or out of any of the airports can draw a substitute card at Willits airport, even if they drive to Willits. Only cards in sealed envelopes presented to event officials in Willits will be counted. In the event of a tie, the pot will be split equally. Info Paul Trexel eaglenestnorth@juno.com

More Discussion of Airport Day

June 13, 2010EAA Chapter 1027's June meeting featured Dick Johnson's review of the Experimental Aircraft Association website as well as a discussion of the upcoming Willits Airport Day and Skunk Train Fly-In. The event is planned for Sunday, August 8. Outdoor lunch at the clubhouse was barbecued chicken, fresh corn on the cob, ice cream, and refreshments. Information on the one-day event will be published at WillitsFlyIn.com.  Note that the following weekend, August 13-15 will feature Boonville Airport Days, with information forthcoming.

Avgas, Airport Day, and WillitsFlyIn.com Discussed

May 16, 2010EAA Chapter 1027's May meeting was held outdoors under the newly set-up canopies at Ells Field, Willits CA. Lunch was barbecued hamburgers, beans ice cream, and refreshments.  Special guest again was John Sherman, Willits' new Airport Manager, discussing progress toward maintaining the airport and supporting Willits Airport Day. He also discussed working with a new supplier of avgas toward making Willits Airport prices the lowest in the area. Additional meetings will be held in the coming month to solidify plans for Airport Day, scheduled for Sunday, August 8. In addition, Kirk Wilder announced Boonville Airport Day the following weekend, August 13-15.  Information will be published at WillitsFlyIn.com. President Paul Trexel is working on a cross-promotional relationship with the Willits Skunk Train, Baechtel Creek Inn, a local rental car company and other opportunities for the Airport Day.

Chapter Meets New Airport Manager

April 11, 2010EAA Chapter 1027 held their April meeting in the clubhouse at Ells Field, Willits CA. Lunch was sandwiches, salad, ice cream, and refreshments.  Special guest was John Sherman, Willits' new Airport Manager, discussing various projects and how the city and club can work together toward improving the airport. Also discussed was establishing a new website, WillitsFlyIn.com, as "a pilot's portal to Willits, California." The site will be promoted and maintained by EAA Chapter 1027 to offer a single site where pilots from around the U.S. can discover community and recreational activities in the Willits area. In addition to Airport Day, the site will promote the City's Frontier Days, Skunk Train, Ridgewood (Seabiscuit) Ranch, and other local activities and events. It also will coordinate transportation for pilots coming into the area. The meeting also featured video of landings at Shelter Cove, Half Moon Bay, and other northern California airports as offered by 160Knots.com.

Chapter Flies and Drives to Boonville Airport

March 14, 2010: The March meeting of EAA Chapter 1027 was held at the residence of Kirk Wilder, adjacent to the Boonville Airport.  Some attendees flew in while others chose to drive the scenic route over the hills.  Host Wilder conducted a tour of his spacious hangar-shop, home of two aircraft and numerous collectibles, the envy of any aviation buff. An outstanding lunch was presented by our host with the help of several Anderson Valley friends.   Great hamburgers made with local beef, beverages, side dishes and special desserts left everyone more than satisfied.  Vice President Dick Johnson conducted a brief business meeting to discuss upcoming Airport Days at Willits on August 8th and Boonville on August 14-15.  EAA 1027 will participate at both locations.  Other business reported was the sale of the Chapter's unused TIG welder.  The April 11 meeting is scheduled at the Willits airport.   --Marilyn Harden

Winter Weather Seminar Coming to Ukiah Airport

Winter Weather Patterns of Northern California” will be presented at the Ukiah Airport (KUKI) Terminal  Building on Saturday, February 27 at 10:00 am by Mr. Terry Lankford.  He retired as an FAA Flight Service Station (FSS) Specialist in 1998 after 25 years of service.  He has been an active pilot and flight instructor since 1968.  Terry has six books in publication with McGraw-Hill on various aviation topics and has published numerous periodical articles.  In addition to his flight instructor activities, he serves as the co-chair of the National Weather Association's Aviation Weather Committee.

Annual Board Meeting

Feb. 14, 2010: Officers of EAA Chapter 1027 held their annual board meeting prior to the regularly monthly meeting for February. It was called to order by President Paul Trexel and included the financial report by Harold Weston. New business included a discussion of Airport Day 2010. President Trexler will meet with Willits City Manager Paul Cayler to work out arrangements. Airport Day was scheduled for Sunday, August 8, 2010, and preparations were discussed, including food, concessions, airplane rides, classic car displays and other opportunities to bring the community together. The Boonville Airport event will be on the following Saturday. Minutes of the annual board meeting are available online.

Next, the board and attending members enjoyed a lunch together and roasting Dave Shelton on his 80th birthday. The next club meeting is scheduled for Sunday, March 14, at 12 noon with further discussion of 2010 Airport Day, other topics, and additional hanger flying.

Letter from New Chapter President

Jan. 12, 2010

To all EAA chapter 1027 members,

I would like to thank all of you for your vote of confidence in the recent election of chapter officers. I will do my best to work for you in making this chapter a continuing success. From my first attendance of a chapter meeting I could see that we have a great group of people that extend a hand of friendship to newcomers. Thanks too to Jim Harden for his dedication in serving as president for 2009, we look forward to Jim's continuing participation.

Welcome  and congratulations to Marilyn Harden on her election as chapter secretary. We are fortunate to have Marilyn on board, as she brings with her years of experience in her roll as former airport manager and City of Willits clerk. Thanks for coming on board Marilyn. I look forward to working with Dick Johnson,Vice President, Harold Weston, Treasurer, and of course Marilyn and with all of the members in continuing the success and growth of this chapter. Dan Ramsey's excellent work as chapter webmaster is invaluable and much appreciated.

I would like to invite all of you to make any suggestions that you may have in making this an even better chapter. Any and all ideas to have more fun, expand membership, and anything else you would like to see are welcome. We'll set aside some time at the next meeting for open discussion of ideas. You can email me anytime at eaglenestnorth@juno.com with ideas or questions. Thanks again folks,I hope to see you all at the next meeting on February 14th. It just so happens that the meeting is scheduled for Valentines Day, if this is going to conflict with possible commitments to the member's significant others, let us know if you think we should look at changing the date.


Paul Trexel

New Chapter Officers Elected for 2010

Jan. 10, 2010: Chapter officers were elected for 2010 including Paul Trexel, president; Dick Johnson, Vice President; Marilyn Harden, Secretary; and Harold Weston, Treasurer in its annual meeting. Outgoing president thanked past officers for their efforts and asked for additional volunteer cooks for the new year's meetings. Kirk  Wilder discussed challenges faced by Boonville Airport as state funding is being removed from many small airports, including Boonville and Willits. EAA chapter offered to assist with a fund-raiser later this year, if needed. Kirk also noted that Boonville Airport Open House is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 14. Willits Airport Day's date will be set by the city soon. The club also voted to accept a private offer for the TIG welder and the BD-5 project. The next chapter is tentatively set (depending on flying weather) for Sunday, Feb. 14, at 2 PM.

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